Mechanized Area Controller (MAC)

MACs can be used to provide special functionality to the systems, such as shrinking the fields in dock areas. Another use for MACs can be creation of an exclusion zone to prevent workers and equipment in an area at the same time.


Area Monitor

AMs sense the magnetic field from the generator and provide signals to control lights, horns or other devices. The truck operators are not warned. The common uses include providing a warning in a blind corner or alerting the presence of a vehicle in an area where trucks are only present occasionally.


Structure Monitor

Structure Monitors sense the magnetic field from the MFG and alert the operator. A common use is protection of a commonly struck light pole, beam or other structure.


Access Monitor

Access Monitors generate a magnetic field, the PAD responds to this field allowing the control of an alarm or gate. A common use is to control access to an area with a gate.


Failsafe features #8: To achieve higher reliability at the vehicle level redundant hardware and serial date is available.


Zone Monitors

  • Zone monitors can perform multiple functions.


  • ¬†Zone monitors produce a small, precisely defined magnetic field that detects our PADs or trucks with Collision Avoidance Modules (CAMs) which pass near the Zone module.


  • ¬†Lights and/or horns can be used to warn pedestrians to not enter a small or large area or to warn truck operators to not enter or to warn them of the presence of each other.