•  Any hardware can fail or can be damaged in some way, even after all possible steps have been taken to avoid failure. It is impossible to guarantee that systems can never fail.


  • The basic technology utilizes magnetic fields which do not reflect or multi-path and pass through most materials and objects, thus being a fundamentally reliable technical approach.


  •  Engineers at FEP have recognized the reality that “things happen” and “equipment does fail”, and have added important FAILSAFE features to help ensure that Hit-Not® is working properly at the time that it is needed, making it very unlikely that it would be used in a failed condition.


  •  Before a decision is made that a PAD or CAM is entering or exiting a safety zone, it will be checked multiple times.


  • MFGs are continually self-checking. If a MFG begins to degrade so that its field shrinks, it automatically adjusts the output to maintain the field to within 5% of the size that it was set at the factory. If it is unable to accomplish this adjustment, and the field shrinks as much as 10%, it will turn on the alarms.


  • MFGs have an independent relay that turns on the Alarms if the electronics loses internal power or otherwise ceases to work properly.


  •  MFGs and PADs provide a positive indication if their processor determines that they are working properly.


  •  If a PAD battery charge is low, and that PAD enters the warning zone or danger zone of a MFG or a MAC, alarms will be set off until the PAD is removed from their zones.