The HIT-NOT® System…

• The most reliable Forklift Safety System available to prevent collisions with pedestrians, and between equipment.

• Penetrates through walls and structures

• Has a precise signal strength within an extended range.

• Encircles the equipment 360°.

• The Pedestrian receives an audible and visual alarm along with the Driver.

• The Pedestrian alarm differentiates between 2 zones: Warning and Danger.

• Easily Expandable with many additional Facility Devices such as Silent Zones, Area Controllers,  PAD Check Devices

• XL Generators available for large equipment that projects 70 feet in front and behind for a total of 140 feet.

The patented HIT-NOT® technology is based on precise, low-frequency magnetic fields, which will reliably pass through walls and structures. The HIT-NOT® technology consists of the Magnetic Field Generator (MFG) system which is placed on any type of powered equipment and the Personal Alarm Device (PAD) worn by the pedestrian. 

The key to HIT-NOT® effectiveness is the Personal Alarm Device (PAD). The PAD senses the magnetic field from the generator and determines the threat level: Warning or Danger. The Pedestrian wears the PAD on their shirt or vest and will receive an audible and visual warning when they enter the magnetic field around the equipment. The PAD also communicates with the generator to turn on its alarm and let the Driver know audibly and visually of the Pedestrian nearby.

Operating similar to the PAD, the Collision Avoidance Module (CAM) is an Add-On to the MFG, that senses the magnetic field on another generator, and communicates with that generator to turn on its alarm and let the driver know audibly and visually that another truck is nearby. The alert is distinct from the Pedestrian alerts, and there is only one alert level, the Warning threat level. 

The magnetic fields are elliptical in shape and are preset at the factory 30 feet in front of the generator and 30 feet behind to define the Danger Zone (60 feet total). The Warning Zone is an additional 13 feet in both directions for a total of 86 feet. When the PAD is exposed to the magnetic field, the pedestrian will receive a series of 3 beeps for the Warning Zone or a continuous alarm within the Danger Zone.