• There is no limit to the total number of vehicles or PADs used within a facility.


  • Any number of PADs can be used within a facility with no conflict. Each pedestrian will be individually warned about any threat to themselves, as if no other PADs were in the facility.


  • Multiple vehicles can be operated within a work area without conflict. However, if more than five fork trucks are within 50 feet of a PAD, warnings on the fork truck operators may begin to delay.


  • If a PAD or CAM is in the operator’s MFGS field, he will be alarmed to the appropriate level. Even if the PAD/CAM is the field of their trucks, the PAD will respond to all trucks at the proper alarm levels.


  • Each pedestrian will be given an alarm if in the warning or danger zone of one or more trucks. When a pedestrian is in the warning of one truck and danger zones of another truck, they will be given the more intense danger alarm.