• The high precision provided by HIT-NOT® low frequency magnetic fields ensure that alarms are given when needed, but nuisance alarms or false alarms are avoided.


  • Low frequency magnetic fields retain their shape under most all conditions.  There are no multi-path errors due to reflections, such as is experienced with RFID devices.  Parasitic coupling onto pipes, wires, and metal objects, commonly experienced with higher operating frequencies is avoided.


  • The defined Warning zones or Danger zones for a vehicle will retain their shape even when field of view is obstructed, allowing the system to be precise even “around corners” in most cases.  Metal objects within the safety zones will not significantly affect the precision of the magnetic field.  (The system will not normally work through metal walls.)The number of PADs in a Safety zone has no effect on the size and shape of the zone and has no effect on the reaction time of the system.