• Any hardware can fail or can be damaged in some way, even after all possible steps have been taken to avoid failure. It is impossible to guarantee that systems can never fail.


  • The basic technology utilizes magnetic fields which do not reflect or multi-path and pass through most materials and objects, thus being a fundamentally reliable technical approach.


  • The basic HIT-NOTĀ® magnetic field technology has been shown to be reliable and safe on fork trucks, and has being used for years, on many types of equipment, in harsh mining environments as part of HazardAvertĀ®.


  • 100% of all Personal Alarm Devices (PADs) and Magnetic Field Generators (MFGs) are functionally tested before shipment, to confirm that there are no defective parts and that the devices have been assembled properly. But, even then, they can be damaged during assembly or during use.


  • The factory-designed mounting kits normally ensure that the MFGs are adequately spaced from metal surfaces to retain their factory distance settings, but the self-checking will alert if the field size is too small. Installers will verify proper operation at the time of installation.


  • The standard mounting is with magnetics and power is supplied through a two-wire cable connected downstream of the key switch.


  • MFGs can easily be removed from the mount by removing easily accessible bolts, without removal of the mount or cable.


  • PADs use replaceable, rechargeable LiOH batteries that will typically last for more than 24 hours before recharging; but we recommend fully charging them after each shift.