HIT-NOT® detects & protects people, mobile equipment, and structures in industrial applications.

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HIT-NOT® Proximity Alert System

The HIT-NOT® proximity alert system provides an advanced pedestrian collision avoidance system for warehouses and industry workplaces. By utilizing magnetic field technology, the HIT-NOT® system field passes through walls, racks, and containers, and provides visual and audible alerts. Often used as a forklift alert system, HIT-NOT® can coordinate with our personal proximity sensors to provide exceptional deterrence to struck-by accidents.


Engineered for simple installation forklifts and other powered vehicles to provide clear Audible and Visual alerts to both the vehicle operator and personnel. Slow and Stop Signals are available from the HIT-NOT® Truck System.

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Exceptional pulsed magnetic field technology “sees” and warns through walls, racks, containers and other blind corner obstructions, proven through 15 years of global deployment in many industries.

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Expandable and adaptable to handle operation challenges in industrial environments where pedestrians and mobile equipment must work in close proximity, while avoiding costly accidents.

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The HIT-NOT® proximity sensor is designed to provide protection for people, mobile equipment, and structures. Check out this Animated Facility to learn more.