How HIT-NOT® Works

The HIT-NOT® Proximity Alert System operates using magnetic technology which produce fields that can pass through walls and structures. This allows the system to operate around blind corners and potentially some of the most common workplace accidents. Workplaces such as warehouses and manufacturing environments can greatly benefit from an advanced pedestrian detection system like HIT-NOT®.

Pedestrian Detection

The HIT-NOT® proximity alarm sensor is designed for industries using mobile equipment, like warehouses, manufacturing, ports, and others where equipment and pedestrians work in close proximity. Unlike RFID, HIT-NOT® reads and warns through walls, racks, containers and other blind corner obstructions with audible and visual alerts to both the equipment driver and the pedestrian. The Personal Alarm Device (PAD) is worn by the pedestrian and contains elements that sense the magnetic field from the Magnetic Field Generator mounted on the mobile equipment. When magnetic fields are detected, warnings are given to the pedestrian and vehicle operator. The magnetic field is divided into two zones: Warning Zone and Danger Zone.

Collision Avoidance

When a forklift or powered vehicle is outfitted with HIT-NOT® Collision Avoidance Modules, or CAMs, both vehicle operators will receive an audible and visual alert when they are in close proximity. HIT-NOT® provides an exceptional truck to truck collision avoidance system, and it helps reduce one of the most common types of accidents in the workplace.

Total Facility Solution

HIT-NOT® is expandable and adaptable to handle unique operation challenges within many industries. This is accomplished with facility mounted devices that perform functions including Area Control, Access Control, and Remote Event Monitoring. Schedule a site assessment today, to see how HIT-NOT® can help your operation. HIT-NOT® will provide the proper component recommendations to meet your safety and operational goals.

The HIT-NOT® system is designed to assist the operator. It depends upon RF and magnetic signals and could under certain conditions fail to detect an unsafe proximity condition and/or could generate a false alarm when not in danger.

How The HITNOT System Works


The HIT-NOT® Proximity Alert System was designed to protect you, your equipment, and your facility. Check out the available components to see what solution works for you.

Animated Facility

The HIT-NOT® system is fully expandable to handle unique operational situations.