Remote Event Monitoring

About REM

  • Utilize Built-In Capabilities of the HIT-NOT System for Data Analysis in your Facility
  • Record and Store All Proximity Events – with timestamps and IDs of Units – for Your Facility
  • All Units shipped with base REM Capabilities
  • Available by online dashboard access
  • Add our NEW Facility Marker Modules (FMMs) to tag proximity events with location.
  • No IT/OT Interface Required.

No Permanent Infrastructure Required

Standard Mobile Equipment Proximity Data:

  • PAD Warning Alerts
  • PAD Danger Alerts
  • Collision Avoidance Alerts between Vehicles
  • Collision Avoidance from Marked Structures
  • Entry into/Violation of Controlled Mechanized Areas (MAC)
  • Passing Facility Marker Modules (FMM)
  • Identify shocks [Future]

Standard Pedestrian Proximity Data :

  • PAD Warning Alerts
  • PAD Danger Alerts
  • Entry by Access Monitors
  • Violation of Controlled Mechanized Areas
  • Monitor use of PAD Checkout Stations [Future]
  • Monitor operation of access gates [Future]

Standard Usage Data:

  • Run time for vehicles
  • Motion time for electric vehicles
  • Identify inactive PADs and Trucks
  • Identify PADs with Low Batteries
  • MFG Field Sizes and Fault Codes

Facility Marker Module Capabilities:

  • Heat Maps of Mobile Equipment Entries or Dwell Times
  • Heat Maps for Proximity Events
  • Mobile Equipment Travel Time Between Marked Locations incl. min, max, average by Truck or Class of Truck
  • Truck Last Known Location

Identify Trends:

  • Total Proximity Events by Week
  • Total System Usage for the Week
  • Top 10’s of Mobile Equipment, PADs for Proximity Events
  • Hourly Analysis of Proximity Events
  • Hot Spots of Proximity Events or Mobile Equipment Travel
  • Within a corporation, compare facilities.

Standard Report

See what a Remote Event Monitoring Report looks like.

Facility Markers

Watch the Video on Facility Marker Modules (FMMs)


The HIT-NOT® System was designed to protect you, your equipment, and your facility. Check out the available components to see what solution works for you.


The HIT-NOT® system was designed with our patented pulse magnetic field technology.