Why Choose HIT-NOT®?

Worker and pedestrian safety in warehouses and other industrial workplaces remain a top priority for companies across the country. The most common accidents in these work environments occur when powered vehicles are involved. Particularly, pedestrian safety when working around forklifts often has room for improvement.

The HIT-NOT® Proximity Alert Sensor addresses these problems by providing an advanced solution in collision avoidance. When warnings in the workplace occur too frequently, or there are false alarms due to technology limitations, an alert system becomes unusable and ineffective. HIT-NOT® combats this problem by warning everyone only when that individual is dangerously close to a powered vehicle. As a forklift pedestrian warning system, HIT-NOT® provides an effective and efficient solution to the most common types of accidents in the workplace.


  • Generator works on all types of mobile equipment; simple installation, only connection is power.
  • Patented Pulsed Magnetic Fields see through walls, racks, and other blind corner obstructions without multipath or reflections common with RFID solutions.
  • Clear, simultaneous audible and visual warnings to both operator and pedestrian (or both operators for collision avoidance).


The HIT-NOT® Proximity Alert System leads the way in the development of forklift proximity sensor systems for materials handling. It’s Patented Technology was originally developed as HazardAvert® for the harsh and dangerous conditions of the underground mining industry. Both HazardAvert® and HIT-NOT® have been saving lives and preventing injuries for years.


  • HIT-NOT® satisfies many special requirements specific to industries and unique operational environments such as Area Control, Access Control, and Remote Event Monitoring.
  • HIT-NOT® provides signals capable of automatically slowing mobile equipment, making it a powerful forklift safety system.
  • HIT-NOT® works to maintain component compatible across all product offerings, allowing for adoption of more features at a later time

Remote Event Monitoring

Remote Event Monitoring, HIT-NOT®’s data platform, provides visibility into your operation by analyzing the interactions between Mobile Equipment, Pedestrians and other HIT-NOT® devices. Details including System Utilization, System Validation, and Safety Risk Identification.

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