• Generator works on all types of mobile equipment; simple installation, only connection is power.
  • Patented Pulsed Magnetic Fields see through walls, racks, and other blind corner obstructions without multipath or reflections common with RFID solutions.
  • Clear, simultaneous audible and visual warnings to both operator and pedestrian (or both operators for collision avoidance).
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HIT-NOT® has led the way in the development of proximity detection systems for materials handling. It’s Patented Technology was originally developed as HazardAvert® for the harsh and dangerous conditions of the underground mining industry. Both have been saving lives and preventing injuries for years. 

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  • HIT-NOT® satisfies many special requirements, specific to industries, and unique operational environments such as Area Control, Access Control, and Remote Event Monitoring.
  • HIT-NOT® provides signals capable of automatically slowing mobile equipment.
  • HIT-NOT® works to maintain component compatible across all product offerings, allowing for adoption of more features at a later time
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Remote Event Monitoring

Remote Event Monitoring, HIT-NOT®’s data platform, provides visibility into your operation by analyzing the interactions between Mobile Equipment, Pedestrians and other HIT-NOT® devices. Details including System Utilization, System Validation, and Safety Risk Identification.

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The HIT-NOT® System was designed to protect you, your equipment, and your facility. Check out the available components to see what solution works for you.