Exceptional Patented Pulsed Magnetic Field Technology:

  • Penetrates / “sees” through walls, racks, structures and other blind corner obstructions
  • No Multi-Path / Reflections common with RFID or Effects from Environmental Conditions
  • Precise detection boundaries encircle the equipment
  • Works with your back turned! Person’s Body does not alter detection ranges.
  • PRECISE and CLEAR Audible and Visual alerts to both the Vehicle Operator and Pedestrians.

A Complete System

Watch our Animated Facility video to see how the whole system works together.

HIT-NOT® has led the way in the development of proximity detection systems for materials handling. It’s Patented Technology was originally developed as HazardAvert® for the harsh and dangerous conditions of the underground mining industry, the first system approved by MSHA in 2005. Both have been saving lives and preventing injuries for years.

  • Proven through years of global deployment into many industries such as Automotive, Steel, Paper, Glass, Building Materials, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Warehousing, Ports, and More.
  • 100% of all Personal Alarm Devices (PADs) and Magnetic Field Generators (MFGs) are functionally tested before shipment.
  • Before a decision is made that a PAD or CAM is entering or exiting a detection zone, the system requires multiple confirmations.

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Click here to see the Frederick Energy Product’s Patent Portfolio including those related to the HIT-NOT® Technology.


The HIT-NOT® system was designed for seamless integration and intuitive operation.


The HIT-NOT® system is fully expandable to handle unique operational situations.