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Ex | Solutions for Hazardous Areas and Beyond

HIT-NOT®-Ex is engineered for industries using mobile equipment, like warehousing, manufacturing, and others where equipment and pedestrians work in close proximity that require hazardous area certification for potentially explosive environments.

Unlike other RF technologies, HIT-NOT® reads and warns through walls, racks, containers and other blind corner obstructions with audible and visual alerts to both the equipment driver and the pedestrian. The detection zones are stable even in heavy metal environments such as oil platforms, refineries, or chemical plants, where RF systems are prone to multi-path and reflections.

Our Ex series, a first in materials handling, providing reliable and precise proximity systems to be used in hazardous areas with certified equipment requirements.

HIT-NOT®-Ex is  Approved for: IECEx IIB T6 Gb

  • Take advantage of the Exceptional and Expandable HIT-NOT® technology, adding the fully compatible HIT-NOT®-Ex system to cover hazardous areas, while working seamlessly with the standard HIT-NOT® Systems already deployed in your facility.

  • The only Proximity Detection System on the Market that covers the Entire Facility!

  • No need to install multiple systems on the vehicles or to swap pedestrian devices when traveling between fresh air and hazardous areas. 

What experience does the HIT-NOT® team have in Ex environments?

  • HIT-NOT® has led the way in the development of proximity detection systems for materials handling. It’s Patented Technology was originally developed as HazardAvert® for the underground mining industry, a harsh hazardous environment.
  • HazardAvert® was the First Proximity Detection System to complete a mandatory field trial in 2005, conducted by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), resulting in the first approved proximity system. HazardAvert® is being used throughout the world in mining applications today. HazardAvert® also has IECEx Certification.
  • Both have been saving lives and preventing injuries for years. Over 40,000 HIT-NOT® units have been deployed globally in many industries!
  • Prior to HazardAvert®, FEP developed and manufactured ruggedized Gamma Radiation Detectors for downhole oil and gas drilling, among other applications, including IECEx approved systems.

Ex System Components

HIT-NOT®-Ex Generator
Cert# IECEx ICS 20.0027x

HIT-NOT®-Ex Alarm
Rated for Ex db 11C T5 6b

Cert# IECEx ICS 20.0020x

How is HIT-NOT®-Ex configured to allow for easy integration into mobile equipment?

  • System is certified as a complete system with all required elements.  Mechanically mount using provided instructions, HIT-NOT®-Ex is designed to fit on all types of mobile equipment. 
  • Simple Interface to Machine: Add an entry point (open gland) into your current Ex box with switched ignition power and connect – System is ready to use.
  • Provides both Collision Avoidance (Vehicle to Vehicle Alerts) as well as Pedestrian Detection (Vehicle to Pedestrian Alerts) Detection Distances are user adjustable. 

What happens if I go into a non-Ex area of the facility with my HIT-NOT®-Ex Equipment?

  • Your HIT-NOT®-Ex PAD responds to standard HIT-NOT® Systems exactly the same.
  • If you drive an Ex equipped truck into a non-Ex area, workers and other vehicles in that part of the facility will receive alerts from your vehicle, exactly as from standard HIT-NOT® equipped trucks.
  • The HIT-NOT® Remote Event Monitor (REM) RELAY installed in a non-Ex area will collect and transfer data from the Ex truck to the cloud when the truck travels by the RELAY.The end-user will have 24/7 dashboard access to proximity and operational information.

NEC Comparison Ratings | Class 1 Div. 2, Group C, T6

How is HIT-NOT®-Ex Sold and Serviced?

For facilities requiring both HIT-NOT® and HIT-NOT®-Ex, contact your authorized HIT-NOT® Dealer. HIT-NOT Ex is sold and serviced exclusively by the factory (Frederick Energy Products, LLC, 256-489-6915).


The HIT-NOT® Proximity Alert System was designed to protect you, your equipment, and your facility. Check out the available components to see what solution works for you.

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The HIT-NOT® system is fully expandable to handle unique operational situations.