Expandable and Adaptable to Handle Unique Operational Challenges

HIT-NOT® satisfies many special requirements, specific to industries, and unique operational environments by use of auxiliary devices that function seamlessly with the basic HIT-NOT® components (MFGs and PADs).  

  • HIT-NOT® Magnetic Field Generators (MFGs) and Personal Alarm Devices (PADs) offer unmatched pedestrian detection and collision avoidance solutions in challenging industrial environments. 
  • HIT-NOT® offers Silencing Solutions for automatically disabling the Pedestrian Detection or Collision Avoidance when a truck is passing a protected area. For Example, all vehicles are equipped with a cab silencer to disable the operator’s PAD while seated on their vehicle. 
  • HIT-NOT® offers built-in Remote Event Monitoring for all proximity events and other operational information, via cloud.
  • HIT-NOT® offers Access Control solutions for preventing non-HIT-NOT® equipped personnel or vehicles from entering protected areas.
  • HIT-NOT® offers Area Control solutions for congested areas and intersections.
  • HIT-NOT® offers Structure Monitoring solutions to alert the operator when approaching hazardous areas or structures. 
  • HIT-NOT® offers Test Stations for Verification of PAD or MFG functionality before daily use.

HIT-NOT® is sufficiently reliable to provide signals for automatically slowing the vehicles.

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A System Without Limits

The HIT-NOT® System has no limit on the number of PADs or Generators that may be operated within facility.

  • Any number of PADs can be used within a facility with no conflicts. Each pedestrian will be individually warned about any threat to themselves, as if no other PADs were in the facility.

  • Multiple vehicles can be operated within a work area without conflict.  However, if more than five fork trucks are within 50 feet of a PAD, warnings to the fork truck operators may begin to delay.

  • The number of PADs in a detection zone has no effect on the size and shape of the zone, and has no effect on the reaction time of the system.

HIT-NOT® maintains the corporate strategy of maintaining component compatible across all product offerings, allowing for adoption of more features at a later time. The range of all components are adjustable to meet the demands of your application. 

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The HIT-NOT® system was designed for seamless integration and intuitive operation.


The HIT-NOT® system was designed with our patented pulse magnetic field technology.