Engineered Solutions for seamless integration and intuitive operation:


  • Compact Magnetic Field Generator Designed to be effective in industrial environments for Pedestrian Detection and Collision Avoidance.
  • Generator works on all types of mobile equipment; simple installation, only connection is power.
  • No Calibration Required.
  • Personal Alarm Devices (PAD) are worn by personnel at the belt, on a hat, or in a vest.


  • Patented Pulsed Magnetic Fields see through walls, racks, and other blind corner obstructions without multipath or reflections common with RFID solutions.
  • Precise 360 degree protection zone around pedestrians, mobile equipment, and structures. 
  • Clear, simultaneous audible and visual warnings to both operator and pedestrian (or both operators for collision avoidance).
  • 2 Distinct Detection Zones : Warning and Danger, Warning Zones up to 70’
  • Detection Ranges can easily be adjusted.

A Complete System

Watch our Animated Facility video to see how the whole system works together.

Designed-in Failsafe features

  • HIT- NOT® Engineers have taken measures making it very unlikely that the hardware would be used in a failed condition. 

  • Generators have a built-in relay, alerting the operator and others if the unit ceases to function properly.

  • Personnel Alarm Devices provide active status indication every 15 seconds.

  • When a Personnel Alarm Device (PAD) has a low battery, the user is provided a distinct warning.

  • Multiple, exact timed handshakes built into system, eliminating nuisance alerts, providing reliable alerts only when there is a danger.

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The HIT-NOT® system is fully expandable to handle unique operational situations.


The HIT-NOT® system was designed with our patented pulse magnetic field technology.